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Imerso em uma pesquisa


Gostei muito do depoimento de Rod Pitcher do qual transcrevo uma parte abaixo. O cuidado com as informações obtidas em uma pesquisa, a reflexão constante, a mudança profunda que vai se produzindo no pesquisador são detalhados de forma bastante sincera. O texto está em inglês pois não tenho talento para a tradução, desculpem. (a íntegra no link

Doing a PhD and Living to Tell the Tale
by Rod Pitcher (PhD scholar, Centre for Educational Development and Academic Methods)

There have been some great and important changes to me over the time of my candidature. I have learnt a great deal about the meaning of research, both as an activity within itself and in its effect on the person doing it. I now believe that it is not possible to do research without being changed by it. That does not only mean that the knowledge gained by doing the research will change the person acquiring it but also that the person will be changed in their outlook by being involved in doing the research. Thus research is a process that changes the individual doing it because it changes the researcher’s conceptions of themself and their world.

At this stage, nearing the end of my candidature, I conceive research as being a process of growth, not only in the knowledge produced but also in the researcher. I believe that no-one can pursue research for any length of time without growing and developing as a person. That, I would like to think, is one of the most important features of research, that it effects the observer as well as the observed. I believe that my research has caused me to develop as a person.

I have learnt that research is a painstaking process. It must be pursued diligently and with care, as well as honestly and with an open mind. That is the only way to achieve the required level of objectivity and validity. The researcher must always have those factors in mind lest s/he succumb to the temptation to ‘massage’ the data to give the required answers. There can be no justification for falsity. Only complete honesty is good enough.

Research As Building and a Story

I conceive of research as a process of building knowledge. Most researchers simply add a tiny bit to the overall edifice, but some, the geniuses, will add larger pieces to the building or even help to redesign it. Each piece of data gradually helps the whole edifice develop. One small bit might seem unimportant at the time of discovery, but might become vitally important at some later date when others have either added to it or built up the structure around it.


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